About Us


Our History

Michele & Paul Hensleigh started in the cattle business in the late 1990s.   Michele was raised with cattle and wanted to pass this knowledge and love on to our kids.  Michele cared for the cows, as well as our 3 daughters, while Paul worked off the farm (as an air quality engineer).  Over the years, we have worked hard to grow our herd into a business.


The Early Days

We started by buying  about 25 drop calves over a couple years - we bottle fed them and raised them to about 9 months, then sold them at auction.  After raising a little money with the drop calves, in 2003 we bought two pairs (cows with calf) and a heifer from the auction.  During that year we bought about 10 more cows, either bred or with calves. For the first 15 years we only finished out a handful of steers a year and sold the meat to friends and family.   


Current operations

In 2017, we started selling our meat at farmers markets, and the response has been amazing!  This year we will be breeding about 60 cows and processing about 20 steers.