Special Order

Share a quarter

Don't have room in your freezer for a quarter or half - a great way to go is to find a friend who wants to split a quarter.

An eighth of a steer is about 50 pounds and you still almost the full range of cuts.

If you can't find a friend to split a quarter, your friends obviously haven't tried HH Beef - no worries, we can find somebody to split it with you.

Custom Package

 If there's a special package you want (like 50 pounds of amazing ground beef, or 10 chuck roasts), we can put together a package just for you.

Complete the form below and we'll figure it out.

Special Order

Want to get a special cut, but it seems like we're always out of it by the time you get to the market?

We get that a lot for cuts like flank steak, or flat iron, or tri-tip (all cuts that we get only a couple per steer).

Complete the form below and the next time I get that cut, I'll hold it for you. 

Tell us about your special order