The Ranch

Cruise Ranch


There aren't too many cattle operations left in our area, but our ranch is on the Eastern side of Sacramento, near Bradshaw Road & Elder Creek Road.


We are carrying on the beef tradition on the Cruise ranch which has had cattle on it for over 50 years.  Michele was born and raised on the property, and raised her first steer in 3rd grade as a 4H project.

 We do this for the love of the cattle as well as the love of the  excellent meat. We treat our animals humanely, and know our love will  show in the quality of the meat.  We also enjoy our an annual roundups  every spring and fall, where we vaccinate all the cows, as well as work  (brand, eartag, and castrate) the babies. 

Neighboring Property


To manager our herd, we lease some dry ground next door to our ranch as well as down the road.

Summer Property

The Mahon Ranch

We also send our spring pairs to some beautiful ground off Grantline Road (along the Consumnes River).  We call it going to "summer camp".