Customer Reviews

Sept 2018

  • The flatiron was outstanding! Cut it with a fork! Thanks for a delicious dinner. Ellen
  • I just wanted to let you know that the ribeye my husband and I bought this past Sunday from the EDH market was AMAZING.  It was incredibly tender and had so much flavor! We were blown away by it. Even when I reheated my left over portion in the microwave for way too long it was still so tender. You do an amazing job raising your steers because the quality seriously cannot be beat. Nicole
  • Had the ground beef this past weekend, what a difference!  Grilled up nicely and flavor was great.  Laurence
  • Repeat customer...again and again.  David

July 2018

  • Why is your beef so good? I've eaten a lot of beef but none better. Eric
  • You guys are awesome, thank you!!! Jennifer
  • I met Paul at the Elk Grove farmers market - just want to say  that your healthy beef is spectacular... amazing fantabulous. Ramon

June 2018

  • Love your beef. Michael
  • Best beef we have ever had!!! Geraldine

August 2017

  • I’m so glad that you guys are making good sales at the Farmers’ markets.  You produce a quality product that is local and far superior than all  of those trendy labeled meats. - Kathy 

May 2017

  • Picked up the Hamburger on Saturday for National  Hamburger Day, was the most moist tender Burger I have ever had and I've  had many - Bill C
  • Paul, I was the  cyclist who ordered a few cuts of beef and hamburger meat. The quality  of your beef product is superior in every way, and the price is very  competitive. You have a customer for life, and I will tell everyone  about your ranch and its product - Wai
  • Good afternoon- you guys likely don’t remember but we met about a  month ago at the Folsom farmers market. My wife and I made your ground  beef last night into burgers and were shocked at how good they taste. We  are not usual purveyors of organic products but the difference in  flavor and taste from your ground beef to what we usually get is so  different that it doesn’t seem like it could possibly be the same  species of animal. I just wanted to let you guys know that we really  enjoyed it and hope that we can get to another Saturday down there and  get some more.  Have a great week - Matt B.


  • This is the beef I was telling you about at the  Christmas party. You need to try Hensleigh Healthy Beef!!!  Susan S
  • We are so glad we bought our beef from Hensleigh Healthy  Beef. We know we're eating that is not full of chemicals and the cattle  was treated very well. The meat tastes wonderful regardless of which cut  we eat. Awesome!
  • Hi Paul,  I wanted to let  you know that the beef I bought from you earlier this year is excellent!  The quality and flavor are the best I think I have ever had.   Bob M